October 16, 2011 General Assembly – Notes

Occupy Burlington VT General Assembly Notes: 10/16

Co-Facilitators – Anna & Ian


  1. GA Process
  2. Proposal, introduce facilitators
  3. Agenda Vote
  4. Working Group (“WG” from here on) Proposals
  5. Break out into working groups
  6. WG reports
  7. Announcements
  8. March
  9. Soapbox


  1. GA Process
  2. Proposal, intro facilitators
  3. WG proposals
  4. Break out into WG
  5. WG reports
  6. March
  7. Announcements/soapbox

Agenda points 3, 4, 5 notes:

Working groups:

Environmental Group

–          Focus on corporate control

–          Close VT yankee

–          Balance local, national and international approach to environmental justice

Meets 11:30 on Sundays in City Hall Park. Contact John Kozel – j.e.kozel@gmail.com

Anti-Misogyny Group

–          Recognize women & queers in movement

–          Communicate with other feminist/anti-misogyny groups

Meets 5pm on Sundays at Maglianero’s Café, fedupburlington.wordpress.com

Facilitation Group

–          Facilitation trainings every Tuesday & Thursday 6pm, 6 Bradley St

–          Facilitation planning for GA Saturday 6 pm, 6 Bradley St

Meets at 4pm on Sundays to debrief GA


–          Lots of media!

–          Used to unify efforts into 1 hub of information

–          Interested in photos, print, text, video, blogs, social media

WIKI info, email rskiff@mac.com; general Media info, email Dev devjana@yahoo.com

Labor Solidarity Group

–          Small but spirited group!

–          Representation from NEA & AFT (VT’s biggest labor unions)

To get on the list, email Jim jramey1979@gmail.com

Student Movement Group

–          Burlington College, Champlain, UVM, CCV

–          Organizing via Facebook, fliers, student banner

–          Bring spirit of Occupy to schools

Meets 11am Sundays in the Northwest corner of City Hall park

Direct Action

–          Plan march routes, further courses of action

Contact Will, will.bennington@gmail.com


–          Reportback not clear

–          Event at metronome?

Anti Oppression

–          Diversity is the well of our union, oppression poisons that well

–          Craft a statement to bring before the GA that we can all agree on

Contact mungojelly@gmail.com

Economic Solutions Group

–          Look at systemic problems

–          Develop solutions

–          Contact Adam: 415-702-5759, azreynol@uvm.edu OR Brian: bkelly4@uvm.edu
Anti-War and Peace Working Group

–         Contact Ali: ali_hjafari@yahoo.com
–         Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-Burlington-Peace-Group/287014734656763


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